Lark Voorhies’ Bizarre Look During Rare Public Appearance

Posted on May 5th, 2014 at 6:42 am

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  • Josie Dietzler

    She has LUPUS, you heartless jerks.

  • JustMe

    @Josie Dietzler LUPUS did not change her looks like that. Bad surgery does that to you.

    • Teehee

      Just me is a idiot

      • Geekteach

        I agree. It really is “just you”, JustMe.

    • yoursodaft

      Are you familiar with Lupus and how it affects a body?

  • Josie Dietzler

    Butterfly-shaped rash across cheeks and nose
    Sun- or light-sensitivity (photosensitivity)
    Hair loss………….. LUPS CAN destroy your skin. She has the classic butterfly rash. She wears heavy make-up to hide it. This woman lives with a chronic, debilitating illness.

  • bearmon2010

    The rumorfix is a coward. Making fun of her or giggle about her appearance. Whatever she has makeup on her face is her busy. I do not care about the celebrities because they are gods and I dont worship them at all. They are just human being and they are doing their job as an acting for money. Yes, most celebrities liked to be attention and be popular. Thats sickening.

    Anyway everyone , yes, including men are beautiful inside and out. Dont judge one another or you will be judge too! Sorry about my English.

  • femmenoir

    I think she is still a beautiful woman. She doesn’t look like she did 20-something years ago, but who does?

  • Sejanus

    I have longed to say this…..

    It’s not LUPUS.

  • St. Louis MO

    Lark – Almost 15 years ago you snubbed me and my 12 year old daughter (12 at the time) at a restaurant in California (we were SOOO excited to see you). Looking at us in “annoyance” and when I asked for a picture you said in a very “rude” manor “no”. I use to watch Saved by The Bell with my daughter everyday – I can not believe how I still have thought about how you treated us all these years. You were young, so I get it – I wish you the best, and hope and pray your attitude has changed toward the public. Maybe you were having a bad day, we all do. – Still a fan St. Louis MO

    • karendelandywalker

      Or maybe don’t interrupt a complete stranger while they are having dinner to ask for a photograph. How would you feel if people came up to you and did that? If they are at an appearance or even on the street that is one thing, but why don’t you leave celebrities you like alone when they are eating a meal.

      • St. Louis MO

        My life, my choice, my comment, I don’t listen to others or society to tell me how to live, hopefully you do the same. Take care

        • youresodaft

          Youre an ass. Take care.

        • Geekteach

          You’re right, St.Louis MO: your life, your choice. But your comment is incredibly narcissistic. No one owes you anything. Certainly, no celebrity owes you any consideration for interrupting her life in the middle of a meal, demanding she pay special attention to you. I thoroughly agree with yoursodaft; you’re an absolute ass.

          • St. Louis MO

            People do anything for their kids, so if I am ass for a once in a lifetime moment trying to let my daughter say hi to her biggest fan at the time (years ago) then in your opinion I am an ass, and you have a right to that opinion. This is so far in the past when this happened I have no idea why I am even responding to this, again like I previously stated I wish Lark the best, so I assume I am an ass for that as well – so be it. This make believe “internet world” doesn’t define who I am, they people that matter are the people I am around on a daily basis.

  • Cicely Sawin

    It’s called Lupus you assholes!

  • Nisey64

    She has an illness!!! Lay off!!! She’s not like most of these superficial camera freaks!!!

  • Geekteach

    I’m not a celebrity hound by any stretch of the imagination, but even I have known for years that Lark Voorhies has a debilitating and progressive illness. You people are absolutely heartless!

  • mysty

    looks like a symptom of lupis!