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Lara Flynn Boyle Unrecognizable

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    • Roberto


    • runphreak

      She’s had a stroke or something . . .

    • keylarg

      I was thinking Stroke as well. Def looks that way.

    • thruthefire

      Not only does her face look totally different, but so does her body. She was skin and bones before.

    • Just Axin

      Obamacare did this!

    • Justadik

      Is there such a thing as adult onset Downs Syndrome?

    • xSassySusiex

      Drinking a lot will do this too….along with plastic surgery.

    • Guest

      Bells Palsy

    • Carl Graf

      Clearly this is a horrific example of how plastic surgery can destroy lives. This poor woman was beautiful before having surgery. What possessed her to do this to herself is very very sad. She was lovely, but now she has mutilated her face, the only face mutilation worse than this was the pedophile Micheal Jackson.. he mutilated his face until he didn’t have a nose left.