Kate Upton Shows Off Sexy Bikini Body!

Posted on July 21st, 2014 at 8:08 am

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Kate Upton adjusts her bikini top as she performs a kiss scene w

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    • Ossian

      While I think KU is hot – she looks a little “thick” around the middle…

      • yummmm

        she loos perfect….

    • skydiverc

      The material that top is made from is amazingly strong.
      Wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen….we’re waiting for THOSE pics…

    • Joe Blow

      I don’t understand how she got on the HOT list. There are plenty of cute Blondes with huge boobs around and they weigh 70 lbs less.
      He face is okay but not enough to write home about. Did she have a sex tape or something like Kardashian? I must have missed that.

      • TheGuyIRepliedToHasIssues

        Uh maybe bc they weigh 70 lbs less they are no where NEAR as attractive as KU. Nothing to write home about? Lol dude I would love to see your roster of females. Nothing to write home about hahahahahahah thanks for the laugh dude.

    • Lonnie LeClair

      I just don’t see the woman as “sexy”, there are so many other women who are much more attractive. She has a very odd body shape.

    • Joe

      I guess you “guys” who say she is over weigh or to thick you must like chicks built like 10 year old boys. Kate U. happens to be built like a woman, when you grow up you’ll figure it out.

    • leena

      whats up with her body shape… there is nothing sexy or curvy about it. Her body is worse than a 10 year old boy.. yuck.

    • Endora

      She’s not sexy, because she is so out of shape. Saggy boobs at her age!!

    • spambrando

      She’s got a very pretty face but those pics in the PINK bikini are showing a better body and LESS boobage. This girl has had implants, no matter what she says.

    • Dee

      She just has big boobs, take them off and she shapes like Sponge Bob / Square Kate

    • Paul

      What kind of magic is keeping that right boob in place in picture 1? That looks to be all of a half a second from falling right out.

    • Spawn_of_Santa

      With the exception of the professionally posed shots, these pictures are poop. Waste of time and money.

      Kate looks good though.

    • laura

      sponge bob with bad teeth and fake tittays

    • Robert

      Fully nude, she is very attractive.

    • Dan Mortensen

      She’s very pretty and her breasts are definitely a sight to behold but she has no hips whatsoever and that makes her just seem so odd shaped and loses a lot on how “sexy” she is.

    • Steve

      Remove the boobs and the body is a complete disaster. Big flabby mess.
      She has a pretty face, but come on… big boobs does not equal “fab’ body!
      I prefer in shape, lean torso, and nice round butt (Not HUGE fake ass) over HUGE boobs and ugly torso and butt any day.

    • andy

      I think Kate has such a pretty face. And her boobs are very big (they look natural so they are heavy and a little saggy).
      So somebody who cares mostly about big boobs and a pretty face, then she’s perfect. I personally find her body pretty ugly. She’s average weight, but if she gained 20 lbs, it would be a total disaster. She has a wide waist and her torso is flabby. Her butt is flat and looks narrower than her waist. To me, this is hideous.
      Beautiful face, though.
      I am happy that things are going well for her.