Kate Middleton’s Cousin, Katrina Darling, Dancing Nearly Naked

Posted on June 8th, 2012 at 11:47 am

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    • Anonymous

      Hubba Hubba….Me Like, mucho!!

    • Nosy American

      The funniest part of this series of photos is the ugly topless woman with the camera who stands there watching the whole time – almost every picture!

    • Dwarnold

      thought that was a dude!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I agree!  It puts Aerosmith’s “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)” into a whole new light!  Or, in this case, should it be the other way around – “Lady (Looks Like A Dude)”????  I also wonder if Katrina ever danced to this song while on stage?

    • Donhard

      She’s got some decent chesticles

    • Lookout

      Those Brits are weird. Someone tell the camera person to put a shirt on…

      • Anonymous Coward

        According to the caption, these photos were taken in New York City – which explains much about why those cowboys around the campfire back in the 80s were so upset when they didn’t get Pace picante sauce.

    • http://www.facebook.com/olga.nilsen.50 Olga Nilsen

      ho hum

    • Chris Wright

      The person taking the pics was interested in the topless blonde, not the cousin

    • Roller Ball

      She looks like Rowan Atkinson’s daughter! Miss Bean! ROFLMAO!

    • Anonymous

      The topless blond has a mustache and boner in their pants !!??!!

    • Givovanni

       If being uncool allows me to stay out of nasty clubs surrounded by ugly, stupid and pathetic people, then I am loving the uncool life.

    • Keithhinkel

      Ok well great looks and totally skin and bones certainly are a family trait.

    • Augustjim

      the the blonde dyke marred, soiled, other-wise distracted from the sweetie pie…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4T74Z22EI6YP6HRUDBMFKLFOJU JonInVa

      What’s more unbelievable are there really are clubs like this where people cavort around like a bunch of naked demons. They can’t possibly have real jobs doing real work.

    • Anonymous

      The female creature in the red pants.  Too funny.  

    • Anonymous

      Picture #5 is the best.  Her outstretched arm covers the miserable, lonely, heinous lesbozo’s empty breasts.  They look like two well worn tube socks stapled to her- its chest.  Another observation, not a lot of guys in this club.  Possible names for this type of club are, “Chelsey’s Secret” or “The Blue Parrot.”

    • Cowboy

      the guy in red pants has a sorry set of tits.

    • Brons


    • Michael Hulsey

      Well, Playboy, I see you are now completely acquainted with the bottom of the barrel. What’s next, Amy Winehouse’s naked corpse? 

    • Jcugs

      Can’t wait for the Playboy spread – want to see more;-)

    • Jba

      It looks just like the RAF Chicksands (USAF base near Bedford) airmans’ club when I was stationed there in the late 60’s while in the Air Force.  A couple of the stranger looking ones might be my children.