Farrah Abraham After Plastic Surgery

Posted on June 24th, 2013 at 11:17 pm

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Farrah Abraham

    • yuk

      Her boobs are misshapen and her tummy isn’t nice. Yeah for having a kid she looks great and I would like to be that slim, but its not good enough for her to be getting her kit off every 5 seconds

    • Sicko

      Her boobs now match her big lop sided head

    • paulinpittsburgh

      Definitely one of the top ten worst boob jobs ever put on display. Which ironically is a great benefit to her since they tend to draw a viewer’s attention away from that hideous mug of hers. She’s definitely part of the new class of “celebrities” along with Miley Cyrus, the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan and Real Housewives of which ever city who manage to keep attention focused on them because of how outrageous their behavior is and in spite of how horribly unattractive they are.

      • don don

        paulinpittsburgh, you seem to have it down to a tee.

    • don don

      Who lied to this girl and told her she looked good. Then some other A-hole came and told her she had talent. She does hold the record for the ugliest face when she cries, which seemed to be about every 5 minutes.

    • govskeptic

      Rounds boobs and Vertical head and face create big contrast. Good luck with that.

    • Conservative from Ohio

      Thanks Fox News for linking to porn!

      • JJTX

        A little PORN never hurt anyone.

    • Bryan

      Having millions of horny, degenerate men wanting to mount you = success:)

    • http://www.GONINERS.com/ Kristine

      This person does not look good at all. She really shouldn’t be doing this. She should have left herself alone and not done all the plastic surgery. I saw a few episodes of Teen Mom back in the day and she looked normal. She wanted to be a chef and was going to school for it. You just gotta wonder what happened. What comes along in life to convince a person to chuck their dreams and pursue porn? Just odd. And unattractive.

    • Katie Stickel

      What is wrong with her boobs….they are flat looking on the bottom…