Bikini-Clad Demi Moore With Tattooed Boy Toy

Posted on January 2nd, 2014 at 9:58 am

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  • josetoyou

    I have never figured out why men or women like to disfigure their bodies with ink…This guy is lucky, but he will dump her after she has been used a bit and some other cute young gal comes along. She didn’t learn anything from her last toy…

  • reckoning

    She must be hard up to pickup a graffiti smeared ding-a-ling

  • Have_Turd_Will_Travel

    Fox news claims “Killer beach bod”? If that weirdo has a killer beach bod, then I must be the HULK

    • v.g.


  • Ghostdog

    Nice chest Tattoo douchebag. Are you a sailor? I think not, but I’ll bet you’re a rump ranger.

  • Buster

    who cares…

  • Carl

    Why do we even care about Demi anymore?

  • fergy turf

    I like how she has sand only on her knees in pic 6… ;P

  • Nancy White Hausserman

    She may have a killer body but he doesn’t. Wimp!

  • 1reallytaxed1

    I think she could a lot better ….she looks amazing !! These aren’t airbrushed glamor shots, these are raw in public shots of her hangin out.

  • Stan Phillips

    First, the photographer is to blame for including this guy in the shots. Where did she meet him ? Drunk in Arkansas? And although 1-2 pics of Demi frolicking are ok, the photographer most likely ‘accidentally’ came across her. If there is no one else to hound this guy taking pictures really has no future.