Mistresses Star Rochelle Aytes Engaged To CJ Lindsey! 

Mistresses Star Rochelle Aytes Engaged To CJ Lindsay True

Is Pregnant Kim Kardashian Considering Boob Lift? 

Is Pregnant Kim Kardashian Considering A Boob Lift Still A Rumor

Will Kourtney Kardashian Ban Scott Disick From Their Kids? 

Will Kourtney Kardashian Ban Scott Disick From The Kids Still A Rumor
  • Rihanna Wears Silk Pyjamas To Recording Studio 

    Rihanna Wears Silk Pyjamas To Recording Studio True

    Taylor Swift SLAMS Tumblr User For Negativity! 

    Taylor Swift SLAMS Tumblr True
  • Cody Simpson Breaks His Silence On GiGi Hadid And Joe Jonas! 

    Cody Simpson Breaks His Silence On GiGi Hadid True

    Scott Disick Throws Wild Party At New Bachelor Pad! 

    Scott Disick Throws Wild Party At New Bachelor Pad True

    Kylie Jenner Cannot Accept Caitlyn For Who She Is 

    Kylie Jenner Cannot Accept Caitlyn Still A Rumor

    Bobby Flay Releases Statement On Divorce! “Respect My Privacy” 

    Bobby Flay Releases Statement On Divorce True

    Iggy Azalea Did NOT Call Off Engagement To Nick Young! 

    Iggy Azalea Did NOT Call Off Engagement Fixed

    Calvin Harris In Love With Taylor Swift! “Im Happy With Her!” 

    Calvin Harris In Love With Taylor Swift True

    D.L. Hughley Slams Caitlyn Jenner! ‘Looks Like Mrs. Doubtfire’ 

    D.L. Hughley Slams Caitlyn Jenner True

    Ariana Grande Says America Is The Greatest Country In The World 

    Ariana Grande Says America Is The Greatest Country In The World True

    Bobbi Kristina Dead Rumors Not True! 

    Bobbi Kristina Dead Fixed

    Kris Jenner Responds To Caitlyn Jenner Speech At ESPYS 

    Kris Jenner Responds To Caitlyn Jenner Speech True

    Caitlyn Jenner Weight Loss: Diet Secrets Revealed! 

    Caitlyn Jenner Weight Loss True

    Scott Disick Supervised Visits With The Kids 

    Scott Disick Supervised Visits Still A Rumor

    How Much Is Donald Trump Worth? See The Numbers! 

    How Much Is Donald Trump Worth? True

    Tyga Starring In Movie With Bruce Willis 

    Tyga Starring In Movie With Bruce Willis True

    Caitlyn Jenner ESPY Speech Sends People To Tears 

    Caitlyn Jenner ESPY Speech True