Jake Lloyd Arrested — See The Mug Shot! 

Jake Lloyd Arrested True

Meadow Walker Honors Paul Walker On Father’s Day 

Meadow Walker Honors Paul Walker True

Kim Kardashian Is Having Boy! 

Kim Kardashian is having a boy. True
  • Charlie Sheen In Father’s Day Twitter Rant 

    Charlie Sheen In Father's Day Twitter Rant True

    Bethenny Frankel Flaunts Hot Bikini Body! 

    Bethenny Frankel Flaunts Hot Bikini Body! True
  • Kendall Jenner Pays Father’s Day Tribute To Caitlyn Jenner 

    Kendall Jenner Pays Father's Day Tribute To Caitlyn Jenner True

    Are Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Splitting? 

    Are Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Splitting Still A Rumor

    Justin Timberlake New Dad On Father’s Day! 

    Justin Timberlake New Dad On Father's Day True

    Has Claudia Jordan Been Fired? 

    Has Claudia Jordan Been Fired Still A Rumor

    Olivia Culpo Heart Breaks Over Nick Jonas 

    Olivia Culpo Heart Breaks Over Nick Jonas True

    Rihanna Parties At Same Club As Chris Brown 

    Rihanna parties at same club as Chris Brown True

    Yolanda Foster Throws Pajama Party For One 

    Yolanda Foster Throws Pajama Party For One True

    Kylie Jenner Is Kim Kardashian Fashion Copycat! 

    Kylie Jenner is Kim Kardashian fashion copycat True

    Sofia Vergara’s Secrets To An Impossibly Good Life[Video] 

    Sofia Vergara's secrets to an impossibly good life

    Giuliana Rancic Caitlyn Jenner Thoughts: ‘I Love Her!’ [Video] 

    Giuliana Rancic Caitlyn Jenner True

    Amy Schumer Thinks Selfie Sticks are Vile! [Video] 

    Amy Schumer Thinks Selfie Sticks are Vile True

    Stars Crush On Model Cara Delevingne’s Vogue Cover! [Video] 

    Stars Crush On Model Cara Delevingne True

    Diplo Chainz Try On $48,000 Sunglasses [VIDEO] 

    $48,000 Sunglasses True

    Kim Kardashian Letter To Her Future Self [VIDEO] 

    Kim Kardashian Letter True

    Rob Kardashian Fat Photos Emerge During Rare Appearance 

    Rob Kardashian Fat Photos True