Katy Perry and John Mayer Dating Again!

Posted on May 26th, 2015


Katy Perry and John Mayer Dating Again! Katy Perry and john Mayer spent their Memorial day together at the Happiest place on earth..and lucky fans at the park snapped the pics to prove it!

The Instagram account Disneyland Celeb, known for sharing pictures of Celebrities at the park, posted a picture of John and Katy entering the ultra exclusive club 33 restaurant with the caption “John mayer was spotted entering Club 33 at Disneyland! Hopefully one of our followers caught a better picture of him!”


As much as the couple might have tried to fly under the radar, they were caught by fans eager to post their encounters with the on again off again  superstar couple to their social media accounts.

Perry and Mayer have been making headlines about their possible on again relationship since they were seen together after Katy’s amazing halftime show during the Superbowl. Rumors began swirling ever since. The couple have also been seen on various dinner dates across L.A., even hitting up celebrity hotspot The Chateau Marmont.

One thing is for sure, this is not the last we’ll be seeing of these two together in public! It seems like only a matter of time before the couple makes some sort of public announcement..after all, Disneyland during Memorial Day weekend is definitely not somewhere to be if you are trying not to be seen!

What do you think of the Disney date? Just friends or is there something more!

Lindsay Lohan Will Finish Community Service/Studying Qur’an

Posted on May 26th, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Will Finish Community Service/Studying Qur'anLindsay Lohan WILL finish her community service hours and dodge jail time, this according to her father himself, Michael Lohan.

“I’m fully confident that Lindsay will fulfill her obligation to the court”, Michael Lohan tells RumorFix exclusively. “It’s a shame tabloids report inaccurate information.”

Lindsay also made headlines again after she was seen walking into the Children’s center holding onto the Qur’an.

Lindsay Lohan Will Finish Community Service/Studying Qur'an


“Lindsay was raised catholic and believes in God,” says Michael, “I am a devout Christian and an ordained minister but I too read the Torah and the Qur’an. There’s nothing wrong with understanding the difference in religious beliefs.”

Lindsay is currently in New York serving time at a daycare facility in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn. She is rushing to complete her 116 hours of community service before deadline of May 28. Lindsay was ordered to complete 125 hours in total as part of her probation requirements stemming from her 2012 DUI case.

When asked if Michael has been keeping in contact with his daughter during this trivial time, he stated they indeed keep in contact through text and phone calls. He also told RumorFix exclusively that she will be heading back to London after she completes her community hours, despite many reports saying he will remain in New York.

Young Thug Gay Rumors Resurface With Cryptic Love Note

Posted on May 26th, 2015

Young Thug GayYoung Thug gay rumors have been on the rise this week after an old message to an alleged boyfriend resurfaced online.

According to a 2011 tweet he sent before he was famous, it appears the Atlanta rapper was sending “thug love notes” to a male Twitter user who goes by the name of “@LilTony_Mdc.”

Thug has insisted in the past that he’s not gay, and while only he could explain what the context was behind the cryptic tweet, check out the message above and make your own conclusions.

The 22-year-old has been the center of gay rumors for quite some time now after admitting to wearing little girl dresses and also calling his friends “bae”, “babe” and “hubby”. But despite the signs that seems homosexual to many, Young Thug continuously battles the gossip and stands firm on the fact that he’s straight and even told Bossip last year that there is “no fruity sh*t going on.”

And to further slam rumors that he’s gay, the rapper got engaged to girlfriend and swimsuit designer, Jerrika Karlae, last month!

Fixers, what do you think about the Young Thug gay rumors?! Sound off in the comments below!


Keira Knightley Is Officially A Mom

Posted on May 26th, 2015

Keira Knightley has officially become a new mom!

The sex of the newborn has yet to be confirmed (stay tuned!), but the birth is now official according to People. Keira and her musician husband, James Righton, chose to keep quiet about the pregnancy and let the baby bump do the talking until finally opening up on the Red Carpet of the Golden Globes back in January while promoting The Imitation Game . This is the first child for the happy couple.

The actress joked soon after the Gold Globe appearance regarding her first time going into labor while on The Ellen Degeneres Show. When Ellen asked her what her  birthing plan was, Knightley simply replied:

“My plan is to get it out! But obviously there is more to the plan than that..but my plan is just to get it out….that’s the plan!”

Knightley also admitted to  Ellen the one thing she is worried about if she has a boy.

“Somebody said to me the other day,  the problem with boys is — sorry this is horrible — but when you’re changing their nappies, you can get the wee in your face!” 

You can catch the hilarious interview here:


Knightley and Righton have been together since 2011 and were married in 2013.

Nicki Minaj Butt Implant Rumors Are True!

Posted on May 26th, 2015

Nicki Minaj Butt ImplantNicki Minaj has made her butt a household name and it’s safe to say her backside has become just as famous as she is! But RumorFix can exclusively reveal that the rapper’s money making asset is fake.

The “Super Bass” hitmaker’s super curvy figure and her massively out-of-this-world derriere have never gone unnoticed and the star has managed to garner quite the reputation for her ridiculously round rump. But a source super close to Nicki’s posse tells RumorFix EXCLUSIVELY that Queen Barb hasn’t always had the bodacious badonkadonk she’s known for.

Nicki Minaj Butt Implant Help Give Rapper A Household Name!

However, despite years of speculation that Minaj, whose real name is Onika Maraj, couldn’t possibly have been born with a body like that, the rapper has always maintained that all of her parts are real.

The 32-year-old first fueled speculation for having gone under the knife to ramp up her rear after a little mishap occurred during a September 2014 performance at the “Fashion Rocks” show in Brooklyn. During her “Anaconda” ditty Nicki was sitting on a chair and all of sudden her butt turned into a super awkward and weird-looking mess! Photographers captured the shots of the singer appearing as if she was sitting on top of her own booty.

We’re sorry to blow your cover, Nicki, but while you continue to insist your rump is the real deal, RumorFix is here to set the record straight. Our reliable insider confirms to RumorFix exclusively, “Nicki’s butt is 100% fake,” adding that he was at a small kickback with Nicki and friends when the Trinidadian-born rapper spilled the beans about her fake butt to the group before she proceeded to allow her close friend, who is “one of the biggest directors in world of hip-hop,” cop a feel for proof. Our source tells us, “Nicki let him touch her butt and he felt the implant.”

If that’s not enough to convince you, turn your attention to the before-and-after photos of the singer’s bottom above. The left image shows Minaj outside the Dorchester  hotel during a trip to London in 2011 sporting a petite hiney, while the image on the right shows a shot of her dangerously large derriere during a Dublin concert two months ago. In just a few short years, it’s clear Nicki’s butt has dramatically increased in size. The proof is in the pictures, people!

Look at the bright side, Nicki, at least your investment paid off! Keep shaking what your doctor mama gave you!



Nicki Minaj Wedding To Meek Mill Rumor Is Not True!

Posted on May 26th, 2015

Nicki Minaj WeddingNicki Minaj is not engaged, despite reports of the contrary.

Last month the singer sparked speculation that she and Meek Mill were set to soon walk down the aisle after she posted an image to Instagram sporting a massive diamond on her wedding ring finger.

The “Super Bass” hit maker remained mum about the gossip, but her rapper boyfriend is setting the record straight, revealing that the couple are not preparing to wed. “[Our relationship] is definitely real, but it ain’t really time to get married yet,” Meek tells The Fader for its June/July cover story. “We’re still learning each other, feeling each other out.”

Nicki Minaj Wedding To Rapper Boyfriend Meek Mill Not Happening Anytime Soon!

Minaj had everyone so fooled, that even fellow rapper folk were congratulating the duo. First, at Coachella when Drake brought Minaj on stage to say “congratulations and all that.” The Fader‘s profile also describes an instance where rapper T.I. approaches Mill at a Beverly Hills restaurant to congratulate him on his engagement and then doesn’t quite accept Mill’s denial. “You never asked her, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ but she is your girlfriend. You may not have asked her, ‘Will you marry me?’ But you are engaged,” T.I. says before reportedly backing away, hands raised. “I’ve said my part. As long as you know what’s going on.”

Meek admits even his grandmother believed the engagement. “Whatever she sees on TV, she believes,” the 28-year-old tells the outlet.

But Minaj, who split from longtime boyfriend Safaree earlier this year. During a February interview with Vogue, the singer was asked about her new beau, in which the 32-year-old replied, “We’ve been friends for a very, very long time, and he’s been around for a lot of things that I’ve gone through,” she said. “And that’s all I’ll say about that.”

Cam Gigandet, Dominique Geisendorff Pregnant With Third Child!

Posted on May 26th, 2015

Dominique Geisendorff Pregnant Congratulations are in order for Cam Gigandet!

The actor and his actress fiance Dominique Geisendorff announced on Monday that they’re expecting their third child together.

“So thankful for the troops out there that protect this little (expanding) family of mine. beyond grateful #notgratefulforthegnarlymorningsickness,” Dominique wrote as a caption alongside an Instagram image of a series of ultrasounds.

The celeb couple are already parents to two children, 6-year-old daughter Everleigh Rae and 2-year-old son Rekker Radley.

We wish them the best of luck!

Josh Duggar Father-In-Law Pens Long Essay On Josh Duggar Scandal

Posted on May 26th, 2015

Josh Duggar ScandalAlthough he’s come under unlucky media scrutiny, Josh Duggar is at least feeling lucky to have a big support group in his family after reports resurfaced this week that Duggar molested five underage girls 12 years ago.

Michael Seewald, Josh’s father-in-law, is the latest Duggar family member to show support, and he posted an essay to the family’s blog on Sunday titled, “Grace Greater Than Our Sin”.

“It pains me to see that they are now having to relive the nightmare that had been laid to rest well over a decade ago with Josh’s repentance and reformation,” Seewald wrote, “but I feel compelled to bring some context and reason to the bloodletting that many are engaging in and to come to the aid of our dear friends and family.”

“Sadly, this type of thing is all too common. Victims of sexual abuse of any kind often suffer greatly for many years as a result of these sins,” Seewald continued. “We should not downplay the seriousness of these offenses particularly, nor gloss over the pain and confusion they often bring, sometimes for a lifetime.”

Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle also came under fire for knowing about their son’s crimes and failing to report them. But Michael says they’re not to blame. “How many of you would broadcast the sins of your children to the whole world? Would you be willing to publicize your own darkest moments? Yes, we should constantly be learning and growing as parents and change when we see a better way, yet no parenting method is without flaw. The heart of the matter is do you have a good relationship with your children? From my perspective, this is where Jim Bob and Michelle excel.”

” … the shame you feel is legitimate, yet Jesus took your shame as he was punished in your place,” he said. “Rest in his forgiveness and grace. Remember that he gives you his righteousness as a covering for your shame,” he said. “Let this trial in your life build humility and grace. Don’t be angry at the world for their hatred of you. Show them through your love for them that it is Jesus Christ that made all the difference in your life. I’m rooting for you.”

Duggar admitted to molestation allegations after the scandal dropped last week. He told People in a statement, “Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends. I confessed this to my parents who took several steps to help me address the situation. We spoke with the authorities where I confessed my wrongdoing, and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to receive counseling. I understood that if I continued down this wrong road that I would end up ruining my life.”

Josh continues, “I would do anything to go back to those teen years and take different actions. I sought forgiveness from those I had wronged and asked Christ to forgive me and come into my life. In my life today, I am so very thankful for God’s grace, mercy and redemption.”

Kim Kardashian Crying Ensues After Kanye West Gives Her A Makeover

Posted on May 26th, 2015

Kim Kardashian CryingSince Kim Kardashian wed Kanye West there’s no denying that the reality star’s style has significantly improved.

Kardashian expected her wardrobe to change when marrying the fashion guru, but Kim admits she wasn’t as willing to switch up her style as much as her hubby may have expected.

During an interview with Live With Kelly & Michael Kardashian says that she wasn’t initially a willing makeover recipient. “They put everything that he thought wasn’t ‘cool enough’ in a pile, and I walked in and it was like a pile to the ceiling of shoes,” she says. “All my amazing shoes that I loved, and I started crying. I was like, ‘I can’t get rid of this stuff, your stylist has no idea what she’s talking about.’ So I put it all in another room, and I was like, ‘I’ll trust your opinion, but I’m not getting rid of my stuff. Let me see what you’re really talking about.’”

Kim continues, “Then I walk into my room, and there’s an entire room filled with all new clothes. All the stuff he wanted to fill back up my closet with. It was, like, really cool new designer stuff — I hadn’t even heard of some of these designers before. And it really helped me fall in love with fashion. I eventually did get rid of most of that stuff, and my style has evolved and changed. But I couldn’t see it at that time.”

“I had on this white Balmain pantsuit [this morning]. He was like, No, no, no, I think you just be a little bit more simple today — and totally changed my outfit right before I was walking out,” Kardashian says, adding, “Then he was like, Oh, I love your hair down! And I was like, No, no, no. Ponytail. You don’t get that much — you get one thing, outfit or glam!”

Oh to be married!

John Stamos Heartbroken Mary-Kate, Ashley Olsen Won’t Appear On Fuller House

Posted on May 25th, 2015

John Stamos HeartbrokenJohn Stamos admits he’s heartbroken that that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will not be joining for the Full House reboot, Fuller House.

Stamos tweeted over the weekend that he was “#heartbroken” that the twins have turned down the offer to appear in the new 13-episode series which will premiere on Netflix next year, with Stamos producing and starring as his beloved character Uncle Jesse.

“I understand they’re in a different place and I wish them the best,” the actor continued to tweet on Twitter. “I promise you will not be disappointed with our reunion and spin off!!”

In April, the twins, who shared a role as Michelle Tanner, told Women’s Wear Daily they weren’t aware of the new special. “We just found out about it today,” Mary-Kate told WWD. “I guess we’re going to talk to the creators and see what’s happening.” However, it appears that they won’t be appearing on the series after all.

Stamos continued, “Just so you reporters know – this is not a money gig for any of us – quite the opposite – we want to give the fans what they deserve for supporting us for so many years– we all just want to have fun – do it in a classy way on Netflix and have a good time,” he wrote. “Sad that a few don’t share the rest of the cast’s opinion – i can only wish them the best – JS”