Miley Cyrus Found Dead Of An Apparent Drug Overdose?! 


Miley Cyrus is the latest celebrity to fall victim of a death hoax. The rumor started on Facebook after fans realized the star hadn’t tweeted for three days, so they assumed she must have died. “{SHOCKING) Miley Cyrus Found Dead in Her Los Angeles Home! Country singer Miley Cyrus found overdosed… Read More

Zach Braff Slams Taylor Swift Dating Rumors 


Zach Braff is setting the record straight on rumors he’s dating Taylor Swift. The 39-year-old star spoke with Howard Stern on his talk show on Monday, where Stern stated Zach and Taylor are “very, very, very close friends.” But Braff quickly put his foot down, saying, “I’ve met Taylor a… Read More

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Cancelled?! 


Has Netflix hit Orange Is The New Black been cancelled?! Over the last week, several gossip websites picked up the news that the network pulled the plug on everyone’s new favorite show. “We regret to inform Netflix members that Orange Is the New Black has been permanently cancelled,” various articles quoted Netflix’s… Read More

Did Alec Baldwin And Wife Hilaria Have Public Fight At The Theater? 


Did Alec Baldwin’s famous temper get the better of him with his wife Hilaria? Thanks to some paparazzi photos, it appears he got into a heated exchange with his yoga instructor wife over the weekend while they attended an East Hampton theater performance of Clever Little Lies. Even outlets like… Read More

Does Newlywed Jessica Simpson Want Another Baby Already? 


Jessica Simpson already has two adorable kids – but is the newlywed already planning on baby number three with new husband Eric Johnson? As of now, the singer turned businesswoman says she’s DONE with having babies. Holding a friend’s adorable infant this weekend, she posted a photo to her Instagram… Read More

Jeremy Meeks Killed By His Wife? 


People on Facebook are going crazy with a new rumor that the Hot Mug Shot Guy, Jeremy Meeks, was killed by his wife one hour after he was released from jail. RumorFix has the truth for you. PICTURES: PRETTIEST MUG SHOTS YOU’LL EVER SEE The fake article on reads:… Read More

Is Sir Elton John Retiring from Music? 


He is one of the most successful recording artists of all time. So when Sir Elton John reportedly told fans in France that he was retiring it sent some shockwaves around the world. But fortunately the 67-year-old star’s rep has since shot down those rumors. The rep said: “He’s not… Read More

The Casey Kasem Mystery 

Forget the idea of Rest In Peace for radio legend Casey Kasem. More than a month after the original voice of America’s Top 40 died, his daughter and his wife are still battling over his remains and RumorFix is on the hunt to find out what is truth and what… Read More

Rachel Bilson Slams Reports She’s Pregnant With Baby Girl 


People published the news Friday morning that the star and longtime boyfriend Hayden Christensen are expecting a daughter, but the rep has denied this claim. Bilson’s rep calls the story “bogus,” explaining to RumorFix, “I want you to know that NO ONE from People magazine called or emailed me prior… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Bares Her Cleavage In New Bikini Selfie! 


Lookin’ good, Lindsay! The starlet took to her Instagram on Thursday to post a sexy summer swimsuit selfie, and LiLo is looking fit and fab. In the flick you can see Linds crouched over in front of a mirror so everyone can see her ample cleavage. In past months we’ve… Read More