REPORT: Liam Hemsworth Dumping Miley Cyrus

Posted on October 4th, 2016 at 1:01 pm
Still A Rumor Is Liam Hemsworth dumping Miley Cyrus because he disagrees with the actress' career choices? Supposed sources tell OK! that Hemsworth is on the verge of cutting ties with the starlet because she wants to continue pursuing her singing career, while he wants her to work on her acting career. “Liam’s really unhappy about this turn of events. He’d hoped her Woody Allen TV show might have curbed any desire to go back to her wild stage persona," a source spills to the tabloid, further adding, “It’s a real blow for him because he was willing to do another movie with her and really help build up her acting career. They’ve been having spats and the whole idea that they would get married this summer is completely out the window.”