Lindsay Lohan Dating Vladimir Putin?

Posted on September 13th, 2016 at 1:23 pm

Lindsay Lohan Dating Vladimir PutinIs Lindsay Lohan dating Vladimir Putin?

“LiLo Fires Kremlin Krotch Shots At Prime Stud ‘Bad Vlad’ Putin!” blares a headline in The National Enquirer. “LiLo’s suddenly aimed her fiery eyes at ‘Kremlin Krotch,’ telling pals she’s gonna bed AND wed notorious Soviet strongman Vladimir Putin — then be officially crowned ‘Princess Pootie-Tang of Russia,'” so says the tabloid. “Lindsay got her looney idea of pegging Putin after negotiating a TV interview with a Russian network,” a supposed source tells the tabloid, adding that LiLo is “Carefully plotting her secret plan to bed the Prime Stud, she demanded a year-long visa AND a personal, private meeting to launch a lingering seduction.” “But Putin pooh-poohed LiLo’s scheme! The Russian ruler’s got spies EVERYWHERE… and chuckled ‘NYET!’ to hooking up with the actress. But Lindsay’s ‘not his type,’ he insisted — jokingly… or maybe not — that he wouldn’t mind dropping a ruble or two on a fling with J. Lo!” This is quite possibly the most absurd story we've come across all year. RumorFix reached out to a source super close the Lohan who tells us this story is a "total and complete lie."