Caitlyn Jenner Butt Implants? So False!

Posted on September 27th, 2016 at 10:43 am
Fixed Caitlyn Jenner Butt ImplantsCaitlyn Jenner butt implants is a trending topic in today’s news! Jenner’s main mission in life right now is to look as feminine as humanly possible, but is the transgender star going above and beyond to achieve her desired “girly look”?! According to new sources, Caitlyn Jenner is gearing up to get butt implants — a procedure that’s said to cost the celeb a whopping $150k! 11 Photos of Bruce Jenner’s Changing Appearance Throughout The Years While Jenner’s booty ambition might put a little hole in her bank, that’s nothing compared to the reported $500,000 she’s already spent on all her other procedures to help with her gender transition from male to female. “She’s had everything from Botox to laser peels, nose jobs and silicone and collagen implants. Cait also had no qualms about dropping 25 grand on breast implants,” an insider told OK! magazine.

Caitlyn Jenner Butt Implants: True Or False?!

So, what kind of bum is the parent-of-six aiming for? Sources reveal her goal is to get a booty like his step-child Kim Kardashian! “Jenner may not be one of the Kardashians, but she’s determined to share their famous assets,” the insider continues, adding that Cait “wants fat transfers to boost her flat fanny…It’s not about being sexy; it is about fully presenting as female.” But the Caitlyn Jenner butt implants rumor isn’t the only gossip hot on the press today — apparently the star has another major appointment coming up with her plastic surgeon — calve sculpting surgery! “She’s always been envious of her daughters and their signature behinds, that’s why she’s planning to spend $150k on some killer butt implants,” the source claims. “She also wants to get her calves sculpted to give her legs a more delicate look, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars,” the insider added.

Caitlyn Jenner Butt Implants: Should She Get Them?

Jenner is “excited to add some more curves,” says the snitch, “Caitlyn’s goal is to wear a bikini with pride. She doesn’t want to have rely on a wraparound dress to give her shape anymore. She wants the real thing!” But don't believe everything you read! A source super close to Cait insists that the rumors are "totally false." FIXERS, do YOU think the rumors are true or false? Sound off in the comments below!!