Kelly Osbourne Drinking Problem, Friends ‘Worried’ For The Star?

Posted on September 16th, 2016 at 1:30 pm
Fixed Kelly Osbourne Drinking ProblemKelly Osbourne is on a "downward spiral." This, according to a new report in the National Enquirer. But, we can officially bust this report as a reliable RumorFix source tells us that the story is "100% false." A suspicious source tells the tabloid that the star is "falling apart" after recently being spotted "getting wasted" at a party in Los Angeles. The alleged insider claims, “She was so messed up she could hardly walk,” further adding that Kelly "was more torn up by her parents’ split than they seemed to be,” and is coping by “hurting and not hiding her drinking.” Sorry, National Enquirer, but you got it wrong...again! Kelly is doing just fine. We're told she's coping with her famous parents' split in a "normal and healthy way."