Tom Hiddleston Breakdown Over Taylor Swift?!

Posted on August 16th, 2016 at 1:10 pm
Still A Rumor Tom Hiddleston BreakdownIs Tom Hiddleston having a mental breakdown over the stress of his relationship with Taylor Swift? Reports suggest the star cannot handle the drama that has started to ensue between him and his new fling. “Tom Hiddleston Breakdown: Actor Admits Taylor Swift Relationship Induces Stress,” blares a headline on Celeb Dirty Laundry. A source tells the mag, “The Hollywood actor recently hinted that the pressure of being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend might be getting to him, as he’s simply not used to being in the celebrity spotlight with the tabloid media following his every move.” “Now Tom Hiddleston himself is admitting that he’s still having a hard time understanding the media’s obsession with Twiddleswift while also adding that some of the false rumors about him are definitely taking a toll on his mental state," the site continues. RumorFix has reached out to sources close to the couple to check on this report for accuracy.