T.I. and Tiny Divorce? So False!

Posted on August 18th, 2016 at 1:48 pm

T.I. and Tiny DivorceT.I. and Tiny Divorce Story Is Not True, Despite Tabloid Reports!

MediaTakeOut is at it again with their inaccurate reporting.The site blares in a headline on Tuesday, “T.I.’s Wife Tameka ‘TINY’ Cottle Going To File For Divorce ‘ANY DAY NOW’!! (Should She HOLD ON To Her Marriage… Or LEAVE HIM??)” The site continues, “We here at MediaTakeOut.com are friends to BOTH Tiny and T.I. – and we want nothing more than the two of them to GROW OLD TOGETHER as a married couple. But Atlanta blogger Sandra Rose is saying otherwise. She claims that Tiny is ready to file them papers.” Rose originally reported, “Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris is enjoying her new life as a single mother under her own roof.” The blogger further claimed, “An insider says Tiny is preparing to file for divorce any day now. She plans to seek full custody of infant Heiress.” But a rep for Tiny is slamming this report, saying, “Tameka Harris has read so much about her marriage in the past few weeks that it’s time to set the record straight and really educate everyone on the facts. Certain blogs have ‘reported’ that she’s going to be a single mom, she’s getting a divorce, she has a new residence and everything in between. On behalf of Mrs. Harris this is the truth — Tameka & T.I. are good. They love each other and they have a beautiful family with 7 amazing children. For them it will always be family over everything.”