Miley Cyrus Adam Levine Feud: T or F?

Posted on August 30th, 2016 at 2:53 pm
Still A Rumor Miley Cyrus Adam Levine FeudAre Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine feuding? Rumor has it the duo are butting heads on the set of The Voice. A supposed source tells RadarOnline that “Adam and Miley are at each other’s throats this season and Adam acts like he cannot stand her...He does not talk to her when the cameras are not rolling, and seems like he really wants nothing to do with her.” Levine is said to be upset with Cyrus because she “showed up like she owned the place,” and he’s also “tired of her interjecting every single time he is speaking.” RumorFix has reached out to sources close to the situation to confirm this report for accuracy.