Mariah Carey Reality Show A ‘Trainwreck’?

Posted on August 11th, 2016 at 11:50 am
Still A Rumor Mariah Carey Reality ShowIs the Mariah Carey reality show really a "disaster"? That's the rumor making the rounds as of late after one supposed source revealed to In Touch magazine that the show has been an absolute "trainwreck." “Mariah Carey’s E! reality show, ‘Mariah’s World,’ is slated to debut on Dec. 4. But thanks to the star’s diva antics, it’s a miracle the show will air at all,” an alleged insider reveals to the mag, further stating, “The premiere was pushed back because she was constantly interfering.” The source insists that the A-Lister “got involved in the editing process and blew the show’s budget. She would scrap entire episodes because she didn’t like how she looked. The production budget skyrocketed because she demanded the best lighting and wanted fans around so she could always have her hair blowing.” The alleged tipster sums it up, “Mariah and her team are very difficult to work with.” FIXERS, do YOU think this report is true? We've reached out to reliable RumorFix sources to find out for sure!