Justin Bieber Death By Electrocution?!

Posted on August 25th, 2016 at 12:56 pm
Fixed Justin Bieber DeathDid Justin Bieber have a near death accident after trying to impress his friends by playing his electric guitar on a row boat during a party at his Toluca Lake home? “Danger ramped up when the star wandered onto a dock next to a pond, still strumming the plugged-in instrument,” an alleged party-goer tells National Enquirer. “He sat in a rowboat jammin’… but dumbass apparently had no idea that water plus electricity equals danger!” Bieber “stepped in a water puddle” during his supposed jam session and “lit up like lightening...Bieber tumbled into the pond, which luckily broke the electrical connection or Funk Brain woulda been fried forever!” Wow, that's a pretty bizarre story. So bizarre that RumorFix just simply does not buy it! We reached out to our super reliable Bieber source who tells us the rumor is "completely untrue."