Cher Withholding Money From Fat Chaz Bono?

Posted on August 30th, 2016 at 12:00 pm
Fixed Fat Chaz BonoIs Cher withholding money from her son Chaz Bono because of he's "fat." “Cher Puts The Squeeze On 300 LB. Chaz!” exclaims an article in National Enquirer. A source tells the tabloid, “Cher is so disgusted with her daughter-turned-son’s shocking lack of control she’s tightening his belt — literally — holding back his monthly allowance from her vast fortune every time he gains weight and only releasing funds when he slims down!” “She’s given up trying to reason with him,” the alleged insider reveals, further adding, “She wants to save his life, but nothing she’s done has worked so far. She figures her money talks even better than she can! It’s no surprise she’s pulling back his purse strings. Cher never understood why her child engages in such self-destructive behavior. She’s always been critical of Chaz and has no intention of stopping now!” But is this story really fact, or is it fiction? A reliable RumorFix source tells us this story "couldn't be further from the truth."