Taylor Swift Relationship With Tom Hiddleston Staged?

Posted on July 11th, 2016 at 1:17 pm
Still A Rumor Taylor Swift RelationshipIs Taylor Swift relationship with Tom Hiddleston a fraud? An article in Star magazine claims that the celebrity couple are “faking it,” adding that people are “branding it a faux romance.” Speculation started brewing after fans and followers started to notice that the duo's relationship “seem so staged,” “This is going to be a nightmare of PR blitz,” and “‘The Bachelorette’ is less staged than Taylor and Tom’s relationship.” “While everybody loves a love story, nobody likes to be manipulated.” “The relationship had better turn out to be the real deal or they’re going to be the laughingstock,” an alleged source tells the tabloid. RumorFix has reached out to sources close to the situation to confirm this report for accuracy.