Is Kylie Jenner Broke?

Posted on July 26th, 2016 at 11:30 am

Kylie Jenner BrokeIs Kylie Jenner Broke As A Joke?

That's the rumor making the round after a source told RadarOnline that the reality star is having serious financial struggles. The site says in a recent headline, “Poor Little Rich Girl! Kylie Jenner Nearly Broke After Foolish Money Mistakes.” The starlet is said to be “burning through cash like it’s going out of style,” and now she’s “in danger of going flat broke! She’s putting it out there that she’s got upwards of $10 million in her account, but the truth is that she’s worth less than a quarter of that.”   But Jenner is far from broke, as she has a net worth of $2.5 million. A source tells us the rumor is just that -- a rumor!