Justin Bieber Sex Tape Collection? So False!

Posted on July 29th, 2016 at 10:06 am
Fixed Justin Bieber Sex TapeDoes Justin Bieber have a sex tape collection? According to the National Enquirer, yes! But according to a reliable RumorFix source, nope! A supposed source tells the tabloid that The Biebs records himself during sex and then stashes the vids in a sacred spot within his mansion. “He loves to film himself in action with whoever’s willing – and almost all of the girls he takes home are,” so says the snitch. “Justin’s obsession with his body got out of control after those pictures of his manhood went viral,” says the insider, further adding that the pop star has an “enormous hard drive” of X-rated tapes. “Justin’s proud of his privates. It gives new meaning to him being described as ‘cocky,'” But despite the made-up report, JB is doing no such thing! A source super close to the singer tells RumorFix it's not true.