Christina Aguilera Hair Extensions Rumor Not True!

Posted on July 22nd, 2016 at 2:43 pm
Fixed Christina Aguilera Hair ExtensionsIs Christina Aguilera "messy" with her hair extensions? It's being reported that the singer has a nasty habit of ripping out her extensions when she gets tired of them and throwing them on the ground. A supposed source tells OK! magazine, “She’ll toss pieces onto the floor in restaurants, restrooms, cars, wherever.” But the insider insists that her assistants, who pick the hair pieces up, are permitted from actually throwing the extensions away, just in case Xtina wants to use them again! But while there's no denying the diva can tend to be a bit messy from time to time, RumorFix can reveal that Christina doesn't get this dirty! A source close to the star tells us that the story is "100% false!"