Leonardo DiCaprio Sex Life: The Laziest Lover?!

Posted on June 21st, 2016 at 9:41 am
Still A Rumor Leonardo DiCaprio Sex LifeLeonardo DiCaprio sex life has gone down hill, after the actor decided to adopt a lazy attitude toward the whole deal. This, according to OK! magazine. Just because DiCaprio has been “with one supermodel after another for the past 20 years… He’s no superstar in the sack, because he just can’t be bothered,” one supposed source tells the tabloid. Then magazine gathered this information from a woman who “tattled all to a friend,” and now that “friend” claims DiCaprio was “lackluster” and also “rude" in bed. The alleged insider reveals that while her pal was sleeping with the A-Lister, “Leo reached for his vaporizer and a pair of noise-canceling headphones, laid back and closed his eyes and signaled for her to keep going. She couldn’t believe it.” The woman was “so confused and embarrassed, she just carried on while he vaped and listened to MGMT, hoping the situation would change. But it didn’t.” Amazingly, the tabloid incredulously claims to have yet another source, who’s never spoken up before to the magazine, but now spills that this is allegedly DiCaprio’s modus operandi. “Leo is beyond selfish in bed,” contends the source, “The way he sees it, these women are getting a chance to be with the premier star of our generation, and if they aren’t happy with his performance they can find the door. He enjoys pushing the limits of acceptable behavior, just to toy with them.”