Is Jenelle Evans Fat? Nathan Ridicules Star’s Weight Gain

Posted on June 9th, 2016 at 12:39 pm
Jenelle Evans FatThere's no denying that Jenelle Evans and baby daddy Nathan Griffiths can have some pretty nasty fights, and in a sneak peek of next week's reunion special, the two are going at it again, feuding over who should have custody of their son, Kaiser. In the clip Nathan fat shames Jenelle before she accuses her baby daddy of not having a high chair, food, bedroom or even a sippy cup for their son. But Nathan wasn't having the ridicule, as he snapped back, saying, "My son is in an unstable environment with two drug addicts," he says, referencing both Evans and her current boyfriend, David Eason. "You see weed in the background, smoking constantly. You have a mysterious illness. You're not capable of taking care of him, you are totally unstable!" "I'm sorry it bothers you if I talk about my sex life," she shoots back. "Sorry I'm not with you anymore." "I don’t want you to be with me," Nathan responds. "I mean, how much pounds have you gained? You gained like 30 or 40 pounds, didn't you?" The clip ends there, but Jenelle has addressed her weight gain in the recent past. Taking to her social media, Evans told her fans, "I wanted to gain weight is what everyone didn't realize. I turned into skin and bones, it was disgusting," she posted back in December. "I love my body for the way it is," the 24-year-old added in another post last month. "Once again, not pregnant... Lol yes I've gained weight, healthy weight."