Dominic Purcell Plastic Surgery After Injury

Posted on June 9th, 2016 at 10:38 am
True Dominic Purcell Plastic SurgeryDominic Purcell is "ok" after suffering an injury on the set of Prison Break earlier this week. The television star took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off his improved appearance after an iron bar fell smack-dab on his mug! The incident caused the star to break his nose and crack his head open! "Well the recovery has been pretty amazing considering this time last week with my head busted open like a cracked walnut and my nose smashed across the other side of my face," he posted with a photo of his healed face. "Still some swelling around my nose and eyes but should be down in week or two. Thanks too my doc. Dr Bensouda #morocco owe you one mate. See ya Christmas." When the accident first occurred six days ago, the actor wrote on his Instagram, "I'm good. #thanksforsupport ... Had a little accident on set. Haha! Back at work asap. Pays to have a thick skull when an iron bar falls on your #head!! busting it open severely also broke my nose in two places," he posted with the photo of his injuries. "Haha. I got a free nose job out of it...... Stoked to be alive. All good. #chill. Oh. I didn't get knocked out took a knee. Ha!! Doc said I have an unusually tough tissue fiber that's what saved me apparently. Thank god for my #Viking heritage hahaha !!!!"