How Sama and Laxmi CEO Leila Janah is Providing Jobs for Marginalized People Around the World [VIDEO]

Posted on May 5th, 2016 at 3:48 pm
Sama and Laxmi CEO Leila Janah is providing jobs for marginalized people around the world, and she's sharing her story in the video interview above. Janah says she starts her mornings at 6 AM and meditates for twenty minutes before anything else. This practice allows Leila to have a sound mind in order to impact society. She goes on to explain that she founded the company in September 2008. "The model was that I would win contracts from Silicon Valley and then teach the people who came from slums in rural areas and low income geographies who we were able to recruit do these tasks from local computer centers." Since their humble beginning, they've been able to provide work to over 7,300 young people, women, and refugees.