Kendra Wilkinson Boob Job Rumors Not True!

Posted on April 7th, 2016 at 9:27 am
Fixed Kendra Wilkinson Boob JobKendra Wilkinson boob job rumors are not true, despite reports of the contrary! The Kendra On Top star stepped out on the red carpet last week in a super low-cut top which displayed her ample cleavage. But now the former Playboy model says she regrets wearing the cleavage-baring jumpsuit that churned speculation that she may have gone under the knife. Wilkinson told toofab, "I highly regret that. I hate it. I thought I looked so cute walking out that door. Oh my god, one of the biggest regrets!" "I love the look, but I don't think that look was made for me. I hate, ugh, I thought it was a cool premiere outfit but it ended up being ... it didn't work for me and I feel miserably," she adds. Kendra continues, "I'm so sad because I should have dressed more appropriate, in stuff that would make me look like me," she continues. "I'm starting to learn this fashion world, I just make mistakes at times, like that outfit." And believe it or not -- Kendra despises her cleavage! "I hate my cleavage, I hate my big boobs," she told the site. "The whole talk about me downsizing my boobs might come true!"