Jennifer Lopez ‘Ain’t Your Momma’ Tied To Dr. Luke

Posted on April 8th, 2016 at 3:48 pm
True Jennifer Lopez 'Ain't Your Momma' Jennifer Lopez’s newest single “Ain’t Your Momma” is catching a lot of heat after it has been revealed that the man who produced it is the main person behind Kesha’s sexual assault lawsuit, Dr. Luke.

Jennifer Lopez 'Ain't Your Momma' Produced By Dr. Luke- Get The Scoop!

E! News is claiming the star is being scrutinized just a day after her sexy performance of the new single on Thursday’s American Idol performance- with critics saying J.Lo is supporting the shamed producer. In fact, it actually was not J.Lo who wrote the song. It was Meghan Trainor who worked closely with Dr. Luke on the new track. The report is claiming the song was actually written several years ago- obviously before Kesha had come forward with her abuse allegations from the producer. Despite the drama surrounding the single, we think the star absolutely slayed her performance and made the song her own on stage. We loved it!

Jennifer Lopez 'Ain't Your Momma' Produced By Dr. Luke- The Latest Details!

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