Is Tom Hanks Dying Of ‘Secret Illness’?

Posted on April 7th, 2016 at 11:23 am
Fixed Tom Hanks DyingThe Tom Hanks dying rumor is absolutely not true, despite a horribly salacious report in In Touch magazine. A source close to Hanks tells us not to believe any rumors stating that the A-Lister's health is failing. An alleged insider tells the tabloid that Hanks, who has Type 2 diabetes, has come under a debilitating mystery “illness.” The supposed source goes on to claim, “He’s suffering from prostate flare-ups and other blood sugar problems. He’s in a ton of pain and it’s not allowing him to walk and function the way he wants.”

Tom Hanks Dying Rumor Not True!

According to the report, the star is struggling terribly with his alleged illness and “spends many days in his home office” because he “doesn’t want the public to see him at less than his best.” And in order to manage the little good health he has left “Tom must take multiple pills" and his wife, Rita Wilson, “lays out all of his pills… every morning and night. She labels everything with a time and date." But, RumorFix has learned that the only thing accurate about this report is that In Touch is severely out of touch. Tom is totally healthy!