Is Eric Johnson Cheating On Jessica Simpson With The Nanny?!

Posted on April 27th, 2016 at 11:39 am
Fixed Eric Johnson CheatingIs Eric Johnson cheating on Jessica Simpson with none other than the hired help?! According to a new report in Star magazine Johnson was “caught with the nanny,” and the famous duo are now in the midst of a “$175 million divorce shocker.” “Eric Cheating On Jessica?” blares a headline in the new issue of the gossip magazine. The story bases their claim off a paparazzi photo taken of Eric on a hike with his son and the nanny, in which a caption alongside the image reads, “Eyewitness: ‘They disappeared into the bushes for two hours!'” “They disappeared into the bushes and then spent almost two hours hiking in the sun, while Ace rode on his father’s shoulders.” The supposed source goes on to spill, “Even if Eric and the nanny haven’t gotten physical yet,” the mag's source says “Eric is bound to cross a line.” But is Eric really wrecking his marriage to his bombshell of a wife? RumorFix reached out to a source super close to the situation who tells us that the rumor is just that -- a rumor!