Zayn Malik Cheated On Perrie Edwards?

Posted on March 25th, 2016 at 3:00 pm
Still A Rumor Zayn Malik Cheated On Perrie Edwards Zayn Malik is definitely not holding back on his new track “She Don’t Love Me,” claiming his former fiancée Perrie Edwards was not devoted to him, and going as far as to admit that he possibly cheated on her.

Zayn Malik Cheated On Perrie Edwards? Get The Scoop On What He said In His Latest Track!

“I think I know she don’t love me / that’s why I f-ck around,” the star dished in his new track, adding fuel to the speculation of why the two really split up and called off their engagement last year. “It’s kinda hard to walk right / when you’re walking on my left / with your high heels on / and your sexy ass dress,” he continues in the new track. The lyrics are a strong insight into the couple's last days, as the star has not really gone into too much detail on the demise of his relationship ever since ending things with Edwards. Clearly the star was not too damaged over the break up, as he has moved on to top model, Gigi Hadid at the moment.

Zayn Malik Cheated On Perrie Edwards? The Latest Scoop!

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