Will Tiger Woods Win Another Green Jacket? [Video]

Posted on March 31st, 2016 at 12:53 pm
Is legendary golfer Tiger Woods ever going to win another green jacket? Be sure to check out the full Golf Digest video above to see what other golf legends are saying about the sports star, as they weigh in on Wood’s past throughout his career. “Each and every guy you talk to who plays golf will tell you he’s going to win again,” proclaims NHL Hall Of Famer Wayne Gretzky on Wood’s winning another green jacket. "They have so much respect for him, not only as a player, but for what he has done for the game, and what he has brought to the table," Gretzky continued. There is no doubt the respect that Tiger has throughout the entire sports industry is unparalleled. Be sure to check out the entire will Tiger Woods win another Green Jacket video above to see what other sports legends had to say!