Why Did The Weeknd Quit Rihannas Tour?

Posted on March 23rd, 2016 at 12:15 pm
True Why Did The Weeknd Quit Rihannas Tour Things are not looking good for Rihanna after her opening act, The Weeknd, has officially dropped out of her tour!

Why Did The Weeknd Quit Rihannas Tour? Get The Latest Information!

Live Nation released a statement on the news, which read, "Due to some unforeseen changes with upcoming projects, The Weeknd will no longer be joining Rihanna on her upcoming international Anti World Tour.” Billboard is claiming a source close to the situation is saying, "[Abel] has hit a stride on his new album and decided not to interrupt the process." This is clearly another blow for Rihanna as she was already forced to postpone her tour before, sparking rumors that tickets were just not selling as well as they should have. "Tickets aren’t being sold and the money people behind her tour don’t want empty arenas, it’s as simple as that. Rihanna hasn’t had new music since 2012 and her new album flopped,” a source allegedly told Hollywood Life. The singer’s latest album, ANTI, has been hit with rumors of low sales. Things are not looking good for the star at the moment! The report goes on to claim Rihanna’s wild antics and negative posse she is surrounding herself with is starting to get the best of the star- as well as her career. “Rihanna has a bunch of yes-sayers around her. No one is holding her accountable for her actions such as showing up late to shoots,” our source explained. “On her last music video shoot in LA, she showed up seven hours late and the producer walked off the set. The producer wasn’t going to put up with her antics.”

Why Did The Weeknd Quit Rihannas Tour? Get The Scoop!

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