Why Did Rihanna Break Up With Drake?

Posted on March 28th, 2016 at 1:22 pm
Still A Rumor Why Did Rihanna Break Up With Drake New details are finally coming forth as to why Rihanna and Drake just can't seem to ever make their relationship official.

Why Did Rihanna Break Up With Drake? Get The Latest Details!

OK! Magazine is claiming Rihanna’s family has always given the star a hard time when it comes to her relationship with the Canadian star- and her mother Monica is mainly to blame. “It’s mostly her mom Monica [Braithwaite] who thinks he’s totally over-rated and not strong enough for her girl,” a source allegedly told the publication. The report claims the Barbados beauty was initially blindsided two years ago by her family’s reaction to her relationship with the rapper, especially after her mother allegedly begged her to drop everything with Drake before things went too far. That’s not all- the report goes on to claim Rihanna’s mother is worried Drake’s fluctuating weight might be effect Rihanna’s life down the line. “She’s paranoid about the fat gene being passed down and is convinced Drake has thyroid problems because of his fluctuating weight,” the insider allegedly said. Drake is slated to perform with Rihanna on tour so regardless of the rumors and her family's opinions, so it looks like the two are focusing on their own relationship and not letting anything get between them.

Why Did Rihanna Break Up With Drake? Get The Scoop!

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