Stephan James Gets Candid On His Character In ‘Race’ [VIDEO]

Posted on March 2nd, 2016 at 12:38 pm
Actor Stephan James recently got candid about his iconic character Jesse Owens in the film Race- dishing on how he helped shape history one race at a time. “You know you are looking at a guy who is such a big hero and a man who is beloved the whole world over,” the star dished while at a press event for the film. “He is a person that a lot of people can look up to, you know. His leadership, his determination, his love, he didn’t see color; he just saw his love for running. He led a life that people should look to follow.” The young star went on to admit that he hopes everyone and anyone who sees the film is able to walk away feeling inspired by Owen’s story- regardless of their background or race. “I hope that people are just inspired,” James continued. “Inspired by his story. Inspired to know that he did at a time in which he did it, the place where he did it. I’m hoping people can draw some sort of inspiration from that and say you know what if Jesse did it, I can do it, too.” We love the story behind Race, as well as James’ admiration for the character he plays in the film.