Staying Centered and Focusing on Your Goals with Tracee Ellis Ross [Video]

Posted on March 25th, 2016 at 10:41 am
Actress Tracee Ellis Ross is opening up on how she manages her hectic schedule- by keeping her self happy and choosing the right food to give herself motivation above all else. “You’ve got to choose joy, if it’s five minutes, if it’s three minutes,” the actress dishes in the latest campaign video for Self. “Even if it’s swaying your body, moving your hips, moving your arms, and just letting yourself move. I just think so much happens. Dancing really nourishes me.” Although the star admits that her days are packed with fittings, rehearsals, and 14 hour days on set, she finds strength in dancing and being true to herself as a woman to get her through her busiest of days. “Dancing really nourishes me. Nourish is a really great word. It’s not just about physically what you are eating. It’s about packing your soul with. Food is about what is actually going to nourish your soul, which means there has got to be some joy involved,” the star continues. Be sure to check out the full Staying Centered and Focusing on Your Goals video above for more on how Tracee Ellis Ross nourishes her body and soul regardless of whatever situation she may find herself in.