Roselyn Sanchez Gives Back To The Community [Video]

Posted on March 23rd, 2016 at 1:14 pm
It’s always beyond refreshing to see celebrities giving back to their fans and their communities. When it comes to humanitarian work and helping enrich the lives of others, there is no greater story to read or write than that of powerful and influential stars giving back to those in need. That is why we are happy to see actress Roselyn Sanchez giving back to the community, inspiring children to lead healthier lives via her new character in the animated series, La Golda. “You know, I’m one of the voices, I play the character of Rica, so I’m so behind the scenes with the project, that’s it’s incredible when you see kids and adults enjoy it and get the message and understand the message. The charity work that La Golda is going to do around the world is fantastic,” the devious maids actress dished to United Healthcare. Not only is Sanchez keeping busy with all of her latest projects, but she has also kept busy giving back to her community, helping run a soccer clinic teaching inner city kids the importance of team work and leading healthy lifestyles. It’ celebrities like Roselyn that give us reassurance in humanity once again! Be sure to check out the full Roselyn Sanchez Gives Back To The Community video above for more on how the actress is touching the lives of children everywhere!