Paris Jackson Haircut- Is The Star In Trouble?

Posted on March 3rd, 2016 at 1:13 pm
Still A Rumor Paris Jackson Haircut Michael Jackson’s daughter,Paris, debuted a new drastic bleach blonde look this week that has everyone wondering just what is going on with the star.

Paris Jackson Haircut- Is The Star In Trouble? Get The Details On Why She Has Everyone Talking!

Paris debuted the shocking new hairdo while on a recent coffee run in Los Angeles- consisting of a bleach blonde extremely short cropped look. Jackson was also photographed by paparazzi with cigarettes behind her ear, a move that would surely anger her grandparents. Katherine and Joe [Jackson] both told her that she is not to smoke any more cigarettes, but she is not listening,” an insider allegedly told Radar Online. “She told them that it is her life and she is going to do what she wants." Recent reports are claiming the new look is another effort on behalf of the star to anger her grandparents and send a message to her family that she and she alone is in charge of her own life. "Katherine always loved Paris' hair and that is why Paris cut it all off and dyed it," a different source shared. "She is basically doing everything right now that they do not want her to do." Jackson herself posted an image of her new look on her Instagram page with the caption: intense case of late-stage resting bitch face.

intense case of late-stage resting bitch face

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 We are not sure what is really going on with Jackson’s troubled daughter, as it is no secret she had had issues with her family after her father’s death.  We just hope her family can help her before it’s too late!

Paris Jackson Haircut- Is The Star In Trouble? Get The Scoop!

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