Is Tori Spelling Bankrupt?

Posted on March 10th, 2016 at 1:26 pm
Fixed Is Tori Spelling Bankrupt Tori Spelling is finally hitting the rumors head on that she is bankrupt and completely strapped for cash.

Is Tori Spelling Bankrupt? See What The Star Had To Say!

The star first sparked rumors earlier this year regarding her finances after news broke that she was being sued by American Express for not paying credit debt that exceed $37,000. The reality star is now getting candid in a new interview with People, saying she is trying her hardest to teach her children the value of money, and is learning a thing or two her self while insisting she is NOT broke! “I just want that story to go away!" the star dished. "We're doing a great new series, I'm really happy, we're doing a new show on Cooking Channel—we're not bankrupt, we're not struggling, we're fine!" "[The] kids [are] good, family's good, I'm healthy, finances [are] good," she added. Spelling went on to add that while she won't blame anyone for her past financial mistakes, she admits that her affluent upbringing did not help her learn the value of money, something she hopes to teach her children about. "I don't blame anyone, but that probably set me up for not knowing too much about how to handle money a little bit, and I don't want the same thing to happen with my children, so we're open about stuff," the actress told People. "My husband and I work really hard," she continued. "I mean, I'm constantly out there working," she says. "It's so important for my children to see that both their parents are working, and we talk to them about it. My kids are like, 'It's not fair, why aren't you home more?' And I explain [things] to them and we talk about money." Despite all of her past financial issues, we are happy to see that the reality star is doing her best to fix her problems, while at the same time teaching her children a valuable lesson.

Is Tori Spelling Bankrupt? Get The Scoop!

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