Is Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Obsessed?

Posted on March 28th, 2016 at 12:30 pm
Fixed Jessica Simpson Weight LossIs Jessica Simpson weight loss becoming an obsession? According to sources, the singer is “ditching [her] family” to focus on “losing weight.” “Booze-obsessed Jessica Simpson has been packing on the pounds in recent months thanks to her lifestyle, but now the mother-of-two is hellbent on losing weight — and spending less time with her family,” one supposed source spills to OK! magazine.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Drama!

But that's not all -- the insider insists that Jess's “hardcore gym regimen” includes a “staggering six hours in the gym” away from her children. “The problem is that there’s no time left in her day for anything else besides exercise." But while Simpson is said to “just want to keep the momentum going,” the source says that her workout routine is “OCD beyond belief.” But is the mother-of-two really ditching her kids to workout? RumorFix reached out to a super super close to the star who tells us the story is "100% false!"