Farrah Abraham Compares Herself To Kim Kardashian

Posted on March 14th, 2016 at 11:51 am
True Farrah Abraham Compares HerselfFarrah Abraham is "even better" than Kim Kardashian, so says the reality star herself! The Teen Mom OG star recently compared herself to the mother-of-two in a very candid interview with The Nik Richie Podcast, insisting that she's "surpassed" the reality television queen in more ways than one. "Everything with you is a story, it gets picked up no matter what we do," Richie tells her while talking about her business ventures. "You are like Kim Kardashian. Anything Kim Kardashian says, automatic news. Do you put yourself into that category of Kardashian?" The 24-year-old quips back, "I've been beating out Kim on a lot of things." Richie continues, "Do you think you've surpassed Kim Kardashian?" "I think I've surpassed her in certain aspects. Then again, I conduct myself and my brand in a different way and my life in a very different journey," the TM star adds. "I think I'm doing very well, if not better." Switching gears a bit, Richie then asks Farrah is she considers herself a "self-absobed" sociopath, considering the outlandish behavior she's expressed in recent episodes of TM OG. "No, I'm not self absorbed," she says, further adding, "I think, now I do acting and I'm doing films and stuff and people say I'm so selfless and that's why I'm so good at acting and they can't even believe it."