Ashton Kutcher Social Media Revelation

Posted on March 25th, 2016 at 1:00 pm
True Ashton Kutcher Social Media Ashton Kutcher is finally revealing why he has stepped back from social media to connect to his fans on a more personal level.

Ashton Kutcher Social Media Revelation- Get The Scoop!

The star, who is famous for being one of the first celebrities to open up on his personal life on social media before it was the norm, is now admitting why he has changed his ways for good. Kutcher got candid on why his social media habits during a new interview with Parade, attributing his daughter and a need to inspire people rather than beat out media outlets and tabloid rumors as the reasons behind his decision. "At one point I thought, 'Heck, if I share things first and I have control what it is that I'm sharing, maybe it'll devalue the tabloid story fodder,'" he explained. "Ultimately, that came to be something that was untrue," he added. "Now the things that I share on social media are stories that inspire ideas, that connect people, that educate people,” he continued. The star went on to admit that becoming a father has changed his life in ways that her ever thought possible, further pushing him to change his priorities. "[Having a child] takes whatever table you're sitting at, flips it upside down and switches all your priorities around," he dished. "It's unexplainable. I have a new number-one priority. Only parents understand the absolute awe of parenthood." We have to admit that we have always loved Ashton, as he seems like an extremely humble and well-rounded celebrity. We wish both him and Mila the best as they continue their lives as happy parents!

Ashton Kutcher Social Media Revelation- See What The Star Had To Say!

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