Amber Rose Kanye West Secrets- Demanding Cash For Silence

Posted on March 17th, 2016 at 9:13 am
Still A Rumor Amber Rose Kanye West Secrets If the latest reports are true, Amber Rose has the Kardashians and ex Kanye West right where she wants them- demanding millions to keep quiet on her past with the rapper.

Amber Rose Kanye West Secrets- Demanding Cash For Silence- The Latest Details

“Amber’s got the Kardashians right where she wants them; they’re petrified she’s going to spill all of Kanye’s secrets and paint the entire family in a bad light,” an insider told Radar. “Amber has so much dirt on Kanye and it’s well known she’s been shopping her story to publishers and movie honchos for some time now,” added the insider. The report claims Kim and Kris Jenner are not taking any chances, taking matters into their own hands to stop Amber from blabbing to the press. “Kim and Kris have decided to step in, and they’ll pay what it takes to keep her quiet,” dished the source, adding that Amber will not take any less than $10 million to keep quiet. Yikes! Kim and the Kardashian Klan sure know how to manipulate the media, but it was only a matter of time before someone tried to manipulate them at their own game.

Amber Rose Kanye West Secrets- Get The Scoop!

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