Victoria Beckham High Heels Retirement?!

Posted on February 24th, 2016 at 6:06 pm
True Victoria Beckham High Heels Say it isn’t so! Victoria Beckham is trading in her high heels for sneakers!

Victoria Beckham High Heels Retirement?! Get The Scoop!

The media mogul and fashion icon got candid about her high heel retirement during her latest interview with U.K.’s Telegraph, saying she just can’t do heels anymore. “I just can’t do heels any more. At least not when I’m working,” she says. “I travel a lot. Clothes have to be simple and comfortable.” We can’t imagine a world where Victoria Beckham isn’t wearing 5-inch high heels! If that alone wasn’t a sign of the times, the British star recently also revealed that she was through with having children as well! Beckham spoke at New York’s 92nd Street last year where she revealed her thoughts on having more children. When asked if she was planning on a fifth addition to the family, the former Spice Girl and wife of soccer star David Beckham stated, “I’ve got four! I feel like I’ve done my bit.”

Victoria Beckham High Heels Retirement?! The Latest Details!

We feel like we don’t even know who this star is anymore! What are your thoughts on the Victoria Beckham high heels news?