Mila Kunis Cheating On Ashton Kutcher With Macaulay Culkin?

Posted on February 26th, 2016 at 2:15 pm
Fixed Mila Kunis CheatingIs Mila Kunis cheating on Ashton Kutcher with her infamous ex Macaulay Culkin?! That's exactly what one salacious report in Star magazine is suggesting! According to the tabloid, the A-List actress is meeting up with her former flame behind Kutcher's back! And an alleged source reveals to the mag that Kutcher feels “threatened.” But Kunis is said to be “determined to revive [Culkin’s] career," and "it breaks Mila’s heart that Macaulay hasn’t gone on to better things.”

Mila Kunis Cheating Scandal NOT True!

So, in order to help boost his acting game, a “source” further alleges that Kunis and Culkin have "met up" several different times to discuss various different projects that would be a good fit for him.“Ashton can’t stand that after all these years, Mila still has a soft spot for Macaulay,” alleges the magazine’s insider, adding, “He can’t help but feel a little bit threatened.” But while Star's source may sound quite convincing on the matter, RumorFix can gladly report that the rumor is just that -- a rumor! A reliable source close to the couple tells us that the story is "100% false." And there you have it!