Lindsay Lohan Broke: True Or False?

Posted on February 17th, 2016 at 3:03 pm

Lindsay Lohan BrokeIs Lindsay Lohan broke...again?!

According to a new story in Star magazine, yes! But according to a RumorFix source super close to LiLo, nope! The gossip glossy broke the fabricated story on Wednesday, claiming that “the unemployed actress is spending like she’s on the A-list, and it’s finally caught up with her.” The alleged source goes on to say, “She blows through money and then relies on her wealthy business ‘acquaintances’ to bail her out, but she’s out of favors.” “While Lindsay did earn a meager salary for a play she did in London, she had to pawn $14,000 worth of designer clothing just to get to England and get an apartment! But even that didn’t make a dent in her debts. LiLo is so desperate she’s offering herself for appearances at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.”

Lindsay Lohan Broke Rumors NOT True!

“She owes over $100,000 to credit card companies and $10,000 to her sister, plus tons of legal bills,” the supposed sources dishes. “Lindsay blames everyone, especially her mom, for leeching off her, but just like with all her other problems, it’s entirely her fault.” But despite the phony fabrication, Lohan is not broke and is doing just fine financially, according to a source super close to the actress. FIXERS, what do YOU think about the Lindsay Lohan broke rumors? Sound off in the comments below!