Kylie Jenner Married and Pregnant?!

Posted on February 26th, 2016 at 1:15 pm
Fixed Kylie Jenner MarriedIs Kylie Jenner married to Tyga just after finding out she's carrying his child!? According to several gossip websites, yes! But according to Kyga, nope! During a live stream session on her app Thursday, the dynamic duo decided to shut down rumors during a little game of what Kylie likes to call "addressing rumors with Tyga and Kylie." "Are you pregnant?" Tyga asked as Jenner laughed. "I think we need to address that rumor because I feel like everybody thinks you're pregnant and there's a new story every day about you being pregnant and being married and all this crazy stuff so you need to talk about those type of things." "I'm not pregnant and I'm not married," Jenner said, jokingly adding, " 'Cause you're slacking ...I'm just kidding." "Because I'm a f---ing infant child and I don't want to be married or have a baby right now!" Jenner continued. "No, you're just a young woman that's very focused," Tyga said. "No, I'm a baby," Jenner replied. "You're a young woman and you're focused on a lot of things," Tyga said. And that takes care of that!