Gwen Boyd-Moss’ Book Helps Special Needs Children [Video]

Posted on February 16th, 2016 at 1:39 pm
Selling It In The ATL star Gwen Boyd-Moss is getting candid on her life as a mother of a child with special needs, as well as how her latest book is shining a light on mental health in children. The latest installment in United Healthcare’s “Do Good, Live Well” series is focusing on how the reality star is devoting her life to helping children with special needs when she isn’t busy with her hectic filming schedule. “I have three boys, and my oldest son was diagnosed with autism at age three and schizophrenia at age 14,” the star explained. Moss went on to dish on her new four-part book series, and how she hopes to inspire and educate children on how to care for other children with mental illness. Boyd-Ross explains "My Special Friends." "is a book series geared towards helping children learn about other children that have mental illness." “Bullying can be a big thing, and I think to start early on teaching kids about other kids that have special needs will help to form better relationships,” Moss continued. There is nothing we love more than seeing celebrities take the time of out of their hectic schedules to bring attention to topics that matter and effects the lives of so many. You can learn more on how to make a difference yourself by visiting